Notebook Resource Files

On this page you will find links to Notebook files. These files are for a wide variety of subjects and grades.
Download lessons from the Educator Resource Center, free "Learning Objects" offered by, and look for inexpensive "Learning Objects" created by Tequipment. Great site!
Use #4 to search for notebook files from Obe Hostetter or use the search box below:
Notebook files from Minot School District.
K-2 Notebook files.
Kindergarten notebook files.
K-12 Notebook files.
Lessons and resources.
Math notebook files.
Links on diigo for SMART boards.
Scholastic has teamed with SMART board to create lessons.
Links to notebook files as well as internet interactive resources.
Notebook files and interactive resources.
SMART and Promethean notebooks for science.
This site has both SMART and Promethean resources. The SMART links are on the left side of the page.
A variety of notebook files for Pre-K to High School.
Middle School lessons that are catagorized by grade and subject.
Elementary lessons that are catagorized by grade and subject.
Teacher created notebook files for K-12.
A wide variety of notebooks, many are language arts.
Notebooks in a variety of subjects.