Many sites offer multiple resources. Use these links if you want to browse through multiple links!
Click on one of the Gateways topics, then 'Online Resources'-->'Websites' and filter by 'Whiteboard Interactives'.
This site has everything from tips and tricks to lessons and interactive sites.
The online activities are listed by subject or grade.
Explore by subject or level.
Resources from a Smart showcase school.
Smartboard interactive links that are mostly for pre-k, and K.
Interactive sites for K-3
Interactive websites and notebook templates for K-8
Smart board resources arranged by subject.
Templates, ideas for use and links.
This site offers lesson plans that include resources to teach each plan.
Interactive sites for math.
Social studies, math, literacy and more.
Short videos for student engagement.
Wall of Words for elementary students.
Interactive sites for math, science, language arts and spanish.
This is organized by subject and grade level.
Resources for young learners.
Downloadable games
Links to multiple resources.
Resources and tools for SMART boards.
A collection of IWB resources.
Links, resources and notebook files.
Interactive science sites.
Interactive sites.
Interactive word magnets
Body systems
Interactive activities for math, science and literacy.
Blog of links and tips for using the SMART board.
Interactive sites that are arranged by subject area.
Multiple resources for many different areas.
Interactive Whiteboard web activities
Writing fun
Interactive math
PBS interactive games
Brain teasers and word games
Word Magnets